Hyperledger India Chapter along with Saintgits Group of Institutions is organising the second season of "Women In Blockchain'' - A Panel discussion on May 3 Monday  11:30 AM IST /4 :00 PM AEST / 7 :00 AM BST / 2:00 PM HKT /8:00 AM CEST,May 2 ,11:00 PM PT. The theme for the discussion is "Blockchain in Shaping Future Economy"

There has always been a general conception that technology is hostile to women. There are people who believe technology is not feminine. There are people who question the ability of a woman to start a business- they believe women are too risk-averse to start a new business .Women in Blockchain tend to be the right platform to celebrate, educate and  bring in amazing women from the field of Blockchain Technology who have placed their imprints in the world of tech - an area oftentimes associated with men. The event aims to be a Myth Breaker demonstrating to the World, how successful Women have overcome their barriers, to be World Class Leaders in Blockchain Technology.

Explore the opportunities for women as users of technology! Know the barriers in Women’s Participation as Innovators! Discover the role of women in shaping the future economy! Come !! Be a Part of Change . Join us in  the Most Awaited Blockchain Panel Discussion!

Panel Members :

  • Leanne Kemp - CEO & Founder , Everledger 
  • George Coxon - Chief Operating Officer at Nano Foundation
  • Kirsten Pomales Langenbrunner -  Vice Chair, IEEE P2145 Working Group on Blockchain Governance Standards & Managing Director Coalitions Consulting
  • Raji Iyengar- Managing Director (India, South Asia), dltledgers
  • Csilla Zsigri - VP, Blockchain Technology Partners
  • Alex Albano - Chief Growth Officer ,Chainstack

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